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What You can Gain from Microneedling

Using numerous fine needles to help create hundreds of invisible, tiny puncture wounds on the skin’s top layer, microneedling is a skin care therapy that’s steadily growing in popularity. No, it may not sound like the most comfortable procedure, especially for those who are hesitant with needles, but it’s practically a minimally invasive treatment; microneedling can be performed by professional dermatologists, aestheticians and plastic surgeons.

One reasons why people love it so much is that microneedling stimulates the growth of elastin and collagen in the body and thus creates younger and better looking skin. There’s even a good number of doctors that recommend microneedling; according to them it’s an incredibly effective way to slow down the natural ageing of the skin and prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming. By triggering generations of new skin cells, with only a couple of microneedling sessions can reduce deep wrinkles on the forehead, fine lines and crow’s feet.

Repairs Noticeable Scars

According to numerous studies involving the effects of microneedling, almost every one of their acne-scarred participants stated considerable improvement in the overall visibility of acne scars. At-home microneedling can be done with the aid of a 1.5 mm handheld roller which is enough to lessen the visibility of existing acne scars. But for those suffering from severe acne scars, they may want to resort to longer needles for optimal results; look for a facialist or dermatologist that can efficiently perform microneedle treatments. A professional microneedling device can be as long as 3 mm, at this length it’s incredible effective in treating deep acne scars which typically occur beneath the skin’s surface.

Reverses Sun Damage and Pigmentation

Collagen is extensively discussed as being one of the best ways to enhance skin appearance and its uses even go past the reduction of wrinkles. By being able to stimulate the growth of collagen microneedling helps reverse discoloration and sun damage; this includes hyperpigmentation which is associated with melasma. A study conducted back in 2015 stated that microneedling is a surely promising treatment for brownish and blotchy facial pigmentation that usually comes with the chronic condition.

Helps in Treating Ageing Skin

Not only does microneedling offer smooth and correct damages on the skin, it also helps in tightening all the loose skin; this is a great package for older men and women, the older a person get the less collagen is produced after all. Beauty treatments are one thing, but to give skin an even better glow don’t forget to add tons of beauty food into your diet.

Microneedling Add to the Benefits of Skin Care Products

What a lot of people don’t realize is only a meager 4 to 8 percent of serum used on the face actually penetrated the skin; even if it’s one of the high-end products available in the market. Improving product absorption is another well-loved benefit of microneedling, it makes perfect sense if you think about it because of all the tiny holes created on the skin; they will be the product’s gateway into the skin.

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