Calling for Service When You Need Furnace Installation in Denver, Colorado

The further up north people live the more they find the need to ensure they have adequate heating systems. If the source of heating has broken down or there isn’t one, people may have to call an HVAC contractor for furnace installation or repair. The winter time is no time for a person to be in a situation without heat, especially if the person is in a state like Colorado, Wyoming or Maine. Here are some signs that the installation of a new furnace may be needed.

Signs of Needing a New Furnace

One of the quickest ways to tell that the furnace may need to be replaced is when the energy bills become suddenly higher for no apparent reason. This is because the efficiency of the heating source has weakened and therefore it has to work twice as hard to heat the area it is designed to heat. If changing the filter doesn’t solve the problem, then it is probably time to get a whole new furnace. Also, if the furnace is in constant need of repair, it is definitely time to shop for a new furnace.

Other Signs of Needing a New Furnace

If the furnace is a gas furnace and the flames are becoming a constant yellow, this is a dangerous sign of carbon monoxide and the entire unit may need to be replaced immediately. If the temperatures in the home are uneven, that could cause an unnecessary increase in the energy bill and it may be cheaper to replace the furnace than repairing it. Finally, if the furnace is up in age, such as 16 years or older, it is probably time to purchase a new one.

Who Can Install a Furnace in Denver, Colorado?

Torreys Peak Mechanical has been providing HVAC solutions for customers in the Denver, Colorado area for over three decades. Customers that need cooling, heating and other HVAC srvices can call upon the contractor for help. When the furnace goes out during the icy seasons in Denver, there is no need to suffer through the cold. For more information contact the contractor at the website,