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Passion of the Christ is Worth a Watch

The Mel Gibson’s movie was first criticized by distractors and critics, painting it with a lot of dirty words. As for the Christian community and many free thinkers, the movie deserves no criticism.

The filming of the movie was done in Aramaic, though with English subtitles. That alone develops the film’s enjoyment and make the person emotional which will direct the mystery and sacredness to the subject. Some people may think that subtitle’s will distract one as he/she watch the movie, but the truth is, that won’t since most people are vaguely familiar with the story-line. Such may even make you more attentive as you watch the images displaying on your screen, and time after time, you will get amplified events.

The Passion of the Christ puts together the four accounts in the New Testament Gospels to develop a vivid and top portrayal of the persecutions that Christ faced till He was crucified. It has been termed a must watch for all people by the most devoted Christians but minors should not watch the movie. This is because the passion sometimes is violent in the film. It is crucial that children who are 16 and 17 years should get to know what the film entails before they can watch it.

The film begins in the Garden of Gethsemane, where we meet Jesus of Nazareth, praying to his Father to deliver him through the events that awaits him. One can see a satanic figure in the shadows casting a lot of doubts and temptations. This figure says that no man can bear all the sins of the world, something that is impossible. All these temptations didn’t make Jesus give in, and the disciple Judas arrives to betray him to the many guards.

He is then lead by the guard in chains to meet the high priest. There are several people we meet, the Pharisees and leading priests who question him if he is the Son of God and he did tell them that he is. They hit him, mock him, spit on him etc. There being a judge call Pilate, they take him to him hoping that he was going to be killed there.

Pilate find Jesus innocent but still ordered him to be whipped. Here, we find a lot of brutality by the Roman soldiers. All these happen until the crucifixion.

Mel Gibson’s use of flashback is creative and it takes the audience back to the life of Jesus as a kid. In general, the movies has been ranked one of the best films ever. The film illustrates and reviews that Jesus is the Biblical Messiah and if you believe that, then you will understand the passion of God.

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