Frequently Asked Questions About Cheap Curtains In Singapore

Purchasing curtains for the home can get expensive and many individuals can’t afford high-priced curtains. Luckily, individuals who are on a budget can also have beautiful ready made or customized curtains. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn information about buying cheap curtains in Singapore.

What are the different styles of curtains that are available for purchase?

Individuals can purchase inexpensive curtains in various styles including pleated, pinch pleated, tab top, ring and rod pocket. Individuals can hang both pleated and pinch pleated curtains on a curtain rod or on a curtain track system. Tab top, rod pocket and ring type curtains must be used with a curtain rod.

Consumers can purchase inexpensive curtains to fit any window in their home including traditional windows, bay windows and French windows. Individuals who have irregular sized windows can have inexpensive curtains made according to their exact specifications.

What types of fabrics can individuals choose from for their custom curtains?

Individuals can have their custom curtains made in a variety of beautiful fabrics and colors. For their bedrooms, many individuals choose polyester curtains that block the sunlight from shining into the room. The soft and elegant look of custom made velvet curtains are a popular choice for living rooms.

Many individuals opt for plain or patterned sheer curtains for a light and airy feel to any room in the home. Sheer curtains used alone allow the sunlight to shine into the room. Many individuals also hang sheer curtains underneath their drapes to help protect these heavier and more expensive curtains from fading due to the sunlight.

How do individuals clean their curtains to keep them looking new?

Most curtains can be washed in the washing machine on the gentle cycle after individuals remove all of the hooks from the curtains. It’s usually recommended to wash sheer curtains by hand because the stitching is fragile and it may come loose if the curtains are washed in a machine. For best results, individuals should hang up their curtains and let them air dry after they’re washed.

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