How to Get Rid of Clutter Before It Starts in Your Home

Clutter is one of those things that just seems to happen in a well-lived in home, especially when there are kids involved. However, there are moments when clutter becomes too much, and you find yourself living in something that resembles a trinket shop or trash dump. To avoid these extremes, read up on the below-mentioned tips to rid your home of clutter before it ever becomes a problem.

Clean as You Go

When you settle into your home, you probably have a dream of a tidy, always cozy and clean place for you and your family to lounge, laugh, and live. Nice dream—but it rarely works out that way. So, to ensure a clean, clutter-free home, you should clean as you go. And ask your family to do the same. Assign chores, wash dishes as you get done with them, and do laundry on a weekly basis.

Use Storage Systems and Double-Purpose Furniture

Storage systems, like organizer shelves and fabric bins, are great ways to hide away your daily essentials, while ensuring a clean, tidy living space. But you could also introduce double-purpose furnishings into your home. For example, most sectional couches now come with a lift-up center console that you can hold your remotes in. Or, lift-lid ottomans go from storage box to footrest in the time it takes for you to put the lid back down.

Secure Your Shelves and Furnishings in Place

If you have kids, this step is a must. Use plastic screws to secure your standing shelves and furnishings in place. Not only is this safer for your children, it keeps your furniture from moving those few centimeters when someone sits, lays, or uses them.

Keep Trinkets and Sentimental Knick-Knacks to a Minimum

Trinkets are often simply dust collectors with no purpose or reason. However, some knick-knacks are sentimental—in which case, you should invest in a dust-free cabinet specifically to hold and display them. But keep your trinkets to a minimum. These little things are the epitome of useless clutter.

Another thing you could do to reduce clutter, especially if you have kids, is to box up, label, and donate old toys and clothes on a regular basis. You know how quickly your children grow, so strive to keep their rooms and drawers empty of the things they don’t need or use anymore.

Additionally, you could always ask a contractor to build organization tools into your home. If you go this route, be sure to include your built-in ideas in askance for home renovation quotes. This, and the aforementioned tips, are sure to help you lead a clutter-free, or at least clutter less, home life.