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How to repair doors and windows

Windows or doors are wooden, plastic, glass of metal material. Doors allow passage in or out while windows allow light sound or air in a vehicle or building.

Both windows and doors are very vital as they give house good air circulation and security if closed.

Different purpose of windows makes them be in different places; skylight which is built on the roof, sidelight next to a door, transom put above a door or clerestory set on the roof structure.
As glass used in making this doors and window, it should be carefully opened while metal and wood structures should be checked and maintained for them to last long .

Windows or doors contain hinges, screws, locks, pivoted centers which need cares and misuse of them can lead to not opening or closing up.

Any problem with the door such that isn’t closing of latching properly should be diagnosed and repaired before the whole door or window is damaged to in cur more expenses.

Loose hinge screws in the upper hinge of doors or movable windows may make it sticking at the edge and this might make the door or window to latch and start wearing out. This problem can be solved by tightening the screws or fitting the stripped hole to size of the screw.

When the door is catching on the ground when opening or closing it’s a clear indication that the jamb is out of the plumb and to reset the jamb the bottom casing should be removed and renailed .

Glass as its transparent delicate needs a lot of care when cleaning and handling and if there is unavailability of cleaning material, on can use a piece of wet newspaper and rubbed slowly on the window .

If glass window has broken, it should be handled with care because some small fragments left behind can hurt if unprotected and any repair should be done by a glazier or a specialist.
Both window and door hinges should be greased regularly for it to open easily; this makes it safer for the glass windows because opening of ungreased windows might sometimes lead to breaking or removal of window panes.

Because moisture builds up on glasses on the windows reducing ventilation , one is supposed to keep fans on ,do full loads in washers and keep showers short.

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