Make Your Home Millennial Friendly

A recent study of homeowners who were remodeling their homes shows most of them are including smart home upgrades to entice future buyers. Not only do they seek to increase their marketability, they want to reap the benefits of the innovative technology to keep them safe and connected.  The most popular upgrades are security systems, lighting features, home theatres and climate control.  Insurance companies now offer incentives to homeowners who incorporate the technology, making a smart home redo more tantalizing.   There is a rapidly growing number of homeowners who use the security systems that allow you to wirelessly monitor you home while away.   Many say they installed the system to protect their home from intruders, but remote monitoring allows them to address problems sooner, i.e. flooding, and keep an eye on vulnerable loved ones and pets.    Of those who use remote monitoring security systems to protect their homes, the majority spent no more than $500 to do so.  Some insurance companies will give you a security system, and lower your premiums for installing it.

Millennials seem to be driving the uptick in smart design with nearly 70% of them saying they want a home that incorporates new technology and see it as a good investment.  Real estate brokers know that smart homes sell faster, and the luxury market is taking the lead in the demand for new tech.  Buyers are drawn to high-tech features more than additional square footage.  Modern design and mid-century modern features like clean lines, open floor plans, huge windows, and double doors that open to outdoor living spaces are as popular today as they were in the 1940’s and 50’s.  The less is more concept where form served function continues to appeal to buyers today.  It’s one of the reasons those seeking to upgrade their look spend less by shopping the Lakeside Collection to add modern touches to their home décor.

You can save on sleek new home décor, buy gifts for the family or friend who has just completed a new addition to their home, with Groupons.  They offer codes that save as much as 75% off select merchandise, offer shipping deals for just $5, and you can do it all online.  If you’re doing a makeover of your living room, banish all the little ceramic figurines and crocheted doilies grandma loved and replace them with stylish décor that will compliment your new look and be more appealing to potential buyers searching for modern design.