Pond Checklist for an Attractive Landscape

While an outdoor pond might not influence your home’s value, it is a great way to boost curb appeal. Adding this feature to your yard helps it stand out from other properties on the market. With a little regular maintenance, a pond can be a magnet for potential buyers. The key to success is recognizing common water problems that can have a negative impact on your landscape.

Banish Excess Algae

All ponds need some level of algae to absorb nitrates in the water. It’s when these levels become elevated that problems can arise. Too much algae result in unsightly blooms that affect the color of the water. In ponds that contain fish, excess algae can be toxic because of the additional oxygen it absorbs. Having your pond professionally treated with algaecides is one way to eliminate this issue.

Manage Fish Populations

For larger ponds, having a diverse fish population is essential. This helps to create a healthy balance, allowing the pond to become more self-sustaining. Keeping oxygen and plants levels in check provides the necessary environment fish need to survive. You definitely don’t want dead fish floating in your pond during an open house. If you’re uncertain about what fish species do well together, consult with a company that specializes in lake and pond management services. For Florida residents, the Lake Doctors are one business that offers a wide range of aquatic management options.

Maintain Good Water Quality.

Having an abundance of fish and aquatic flora means nothing if water quality is poor. Bad water can cause a number of problems in your pond including turbidity, discoloration, foul odors, and high levels of nitrogen or phosphorous. Left unchecked, these issues may result in a die-off of fish or plant life. In these instances, it is best to consult with a professional in order to pinpoint the cause.

Install an Aeration System

An aeration system helps provide an optimal balance of oxygen in a pond. It creates tiny bubbles that push low-oxygen water to the surface where it is replenished. At the same time, a healthy amount of oxygen is kept below the surface to sustain life. Installing an aeration system is ideal for treating and preventing many common pond problems.

Keeping your pond in top shape is important if you plan to sell your home. In order to get the best offer for your property, you’ll want to eliminate any issues before listing your home for sale.